Entropia is an ambient, electronic band formed in Rome, Italy in 1996.

The band formed by the producers and composers Amptek & Dr. Lops has experienced several lineup changes over time and is now active as a trio with the addition of drummer Ugo Vantini.

Their works covers most areas of electronic music, such as ambient dub, space-jazz, post-rock, funk, trip-hop, italian soundtracks, psychedelia and often involves extreme experimentation; for example they have, since the turn of the millennium, experimented with techno and electro under their Entropia Techno Department.

In addition to music composition, their interests have covered a number of areas including dance, cinema, painting, video, computer graphics.

The band cooperated with other artists as: Nicola Alesini, Bob Salmieri, Angelina Yershova, ┬áDebora Longini, Ivan Macera, John B. Arnold, Maurizio Giammarco, Michael Rosen, Bob Salmieri, Debora Longini, Ilaria D’Alberti,Fabiana Yvonne Lugli Martinez, Mauro Tiberi, Daniele Amenta, Daniele Pomo, Davide Pentassuglia, Roberto Laneri, Eugenio Vatta, Carlo Martinelli, Remo Remotti, Recycle,┬áPrince Faster and many others.