Entropia Projects

Entropia meets Nicola Alesini

It 's a collaboration that was born for the festival Calcatronica 2014 (Calcata VT) and has already found a record achievement in live recorded among the suggestions of prehistoric cave which is now contained in the House Studio Morosin.

Son of the post-jazz of the 80's, Nicola Alesini is a versatile saxophonist who experiences both contamination in directions multicultural towards technological manipulation.

The meeting with Entropia revolves around the use of analog synthesizers and sequencers step on modal textures, minimalist on which intersects research timbre-melodic sophisticated saxophonist. A project that sails between ambient and psychedelia, between echoes of kraut-rock and post-jazz.

Line Up:

 Amptek Alex Marenga - sequencers, guitar synth, theremini, visuals, guitars

Dr. Lops -  analog, modular & virtual synths, piano

 Ugo Vantini -  electronic drums

 Nicola Alesini -  saxophones, loops





Entropia with Mauro Tiberi  "MANTRA OF TECHNOLOGICAL AGE"

It 's a project by Mauro Tiberi and Entropia, which converge in electronic music and elements of a vocal style that has its origin in the most archaic traditions.

Diplophony, vocal experimentation, harmonic singing and electronic manipulation merge into a homogeneous language in which the natural sound of the human body and the synthetic one, the result of modern technology, penetrate into a sound unico.

Composition and improvisation, echoes of sound poetry and Dadaist futurist, new dimensions of sound and noise , help to define the welding between hemispheres cultural apparently distant, between the sound man and the machine, between the sound of the body and that of the bit.

The issue addressed by the artists is that of myth in contemporary society, in an ideal continuity between the ancient world and technological society. The space age produces its own myths, legends contemporary spaces that today are propagation network as ancient agora were transferred orally.

Myths focused on extra-terrestrial civilizations or the most unpredictable deformations of scientific progress feed the contemporary imagination. In the background of this mythological world Entropia and Mauro Tiberi propose a performance of interaction between electronics and techniques of deconstruction and spatial sound with vocal diplofonic and experimental