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Entropia: October Remixed

format: file, vinyl released date: october 21,  2017 1 The Great War (Rasputin Delirium Mix)sputin 07:11 2 Revolution in February (Pietrograd Soviet Mix) 04:11 3 The April Theses (Vladimir Ilic Mix) 05:48 4.The Winter Palace in October (Bolshevik Direction Mix) 04:47 https://eclecticproductions.bandcamp.com/album/october-remixed

October is Coming

Between February and October 1917, in the Russian Empire, devastated by the World War, epochal changes occurred that influenced all the countries of the earth. Once again, a revolution had questioned all the political and economic relations that governed the life of society. The first revolution of the industrial era. The impetus of this transformation …