Live in Calcatronica (featuring Nicola Alesini)

Live in Calcatronica (featuring Nicola Alesini)

Eclectic Productions 2014 (CD)


1 Genoma X 09:31

2 The Future Evolution Of Man 13:54

3 Sky Is The Limit 09:40

4 The Plan To Control The Human Race 07:20

5 Evolution Revolution 12:14


Nicola Alesini: saxophones
Amptek Alex Marenga: analog sequencing, guitar synth, theremin
Dr.Lops: synthesizers

Recorded live during the Festival Calcatronica, in August 2014, in Calcata ( VT ) .
The magic of acoustics and hypnotic suggestion of prehistoric caves of Calcata soak the psychedelic ambients of this record.
Nicola Alesini, extraordinary investigator on the expressive of saxophone meets Entropia, the electronic music project.
Dreamlike and hypnotic melodies will transport you in the heart of the Etruscan mountain of Calcata.