Soundscapes And Soundtracks

Soundscapes And Soundtracks

Eclectic Productions (2014)
CD, Album

A travel in drone and ambient sounds to alter your mental state. The main focus of this album is on textures and timbres. Entropia from Italy, a new work from the historical electronic band.

Genre: Electronic: Ambient
Release Date: 2014


1. Interno 12, Pt. 1 5:52
2. Interno 12, Pt. 2 3:48
3. Interno 12, Pt. 3 13:14
4. Human Nature 9:44
5. Ash 3:41 **
6. The Human Kind 4:33
7. Nosferatu 9:09*
8. Orione 28:51


Dr.Lops: synths, keys

Amptek Alex Marenga: synths, computers

  • * Biagio Orlandi: sax
  • ** Marco Micheli: computer


Album Notes

Music to alter your mental state. Silences and sounds, drones and textures in new Entropia album.
A collection of ambient tracks recorded for short films, theatre perfomances, dance.
Entropia investigates the nature of the sound with these eight unreleased compositions.